We produce and create wildelife documentaries. For many years we have been committed to documenting the biological life of the Mediterranean Sea, from the tiny planktonic life to the giants of our sea: the finback whales.

The passion for the sea has steered the production of documentaries towards subjects such as “L’ultima Tonnara”, a documentary on the tuna business in Carloforte, Sardinia, sold to the National Geographic Channel.


From the Great War to World War Two, the reasons that caused Italy to split into two, some choosing the partisans and others the so-called republic of Salò. We have chosen to recount the history of our country, especially that of more recent times, as we believe people should know and understand where we are coming from in order to appreciate where we are going and where we want to arrive.


We have made commercials, documentaries, audiovisual teaching materials, video news releases for international organisations such as UNEP/MAP, UNHCR and Greenpeace and WWF International, environmentalist associations, including Legambiente, WWF Italia, for the Italian Ministries of the Environment, Agricultural and Forestry Policies and Health and several Marine Protected Areas.

To mark the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, a time for reflection about the nature of our country, we have told the story of the birth of the nation through art. Over the years artists have been able to interpret and even anticipate the historical, political, social and economic processes that have turned Italians into a united people.

We tell the world through the eyes of passionate and curious travelers. We talk about customs and traditions to valorize distant cultures, to participate in a world rich in diversity. But we also show natural treasures, the splendid paradises of our planet, the priceless heritage that an economic development out of control is increasingly threatening with extinction.