We have  a unit that specialises in underwater filming. We are able to make all type of products, from wildelife documentaries to  feature films or promotional videos. Our cameraman is a qualified Trimix Closed-Circuit Rebreather diver and owns a Megalodon Innerspace CCR unit  with operative working capacity up to - 100 meters depth. These equipments allow a bigger stay under the water and closer approach to wild life, as they do not loose any bubbles.


We provide drone based aerial video service in Italy. Our expertised team is at the service of the customer from the small productions up to cinema ones. All our pilots have the Official License released by ENAC for flying on Italian land. VA.LE.CINEMATOGRAFICA78 is an ENAC approved Company for Aerial Drone Filming in Critical Operations  N° 7810


Our crews have international experience, and are able to film digitally in all areas of audiovisual production. For years we have worked with Italian and overseas productions on the making of nature, social and history documentaries, reportages, news features, teaching materials, corporate and advertising videos.