Va.Le. Cinematografica 78 was founded in 1978 for the production and distribution of movies. In 1992 production moved to other areas of communication, chiefly documentaries and programmes destined for television and home video distribution. We have made commercials, documentaries, audiovisual teaching materials, video news releases for international organisations. All members of Va.Le. share a passion for the sea, which has steered the production of documentaries towards subjects related in particular to the Mediterranean, such as “L’ultima Tonnara”, a documentary on the tuna business in Carloforte, Sardinia, sold to the National Geographic Channel. In recent years we have worked on a regular basis with RAI (public italian television). We are a stable partner of theirs for the creation and production of documentaries and programmes of a historical, wildelife, social and artistic nature.


Our journey began in the world of cinema, now we tend to focus on making documentary films, commercials and istitutional documentraies for public and private enterprises. Today we offering the production of videos with high-profile contents, in terms of both language and technical aspects. Documentary films, commercials, travel videos, industrial documentaries, institutional documentaries for public and private enterprises. All of the above at competitive prices, in keeping with the needs and possibilities of individual clients. We offer underwater and aerial filming service and a crew with international experience for all types of television production.

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